Costa Rica’s immigration police (Policía Profesional de Migración) denied entry to ten foriegners, among them citizens from the United States, Venezuela, Singapor, Cuba, Colombia, Argentina and Panama.

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Immigration director Raquel Vargas said that the foreigners did not meet with all the requirements to enter Costa Rica, thus the Paso Canoas border officials denied their entry and escorted them to the Panama side of the border, handing them over to Panamian officials.

In addition, Vargas explained that a Panamanian national, identified by his last name Vegara Núñez, was arrested while trying to leave Costa Rica with a false exit stamp in his passport.

The director said a cross-check in their system allowed officials to detect the falseness of the stamp.

Unlike in years past, where the land border control posts computers were were not connected (if even installed) to the central database in San Jose, allowing for poor to no immigration controls in many cases.

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Entry requirements to Costa Rica:

US, Canadian and European nationals do not require an entry visa to Costa Rica. However, they must have a current valid passport and a return ticket to exit Costa Rica within 90 days. (Either to return to your country or to go to another country).

Tourist visas will depend on the nationality, purpose of visit, country of residence and duration of stay. However, the visa does not guarantee entry to Costa Rica, this depends on the immigration officer upon arrival at land, maritime and airport border controls.

If traveling to Costa Rica from the South American countries of  Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Guyana and Venezuela, you will need the YELLOW FEVER VACCINE.

More information on Visa, Residences, Permits visit the Embassy of Costa Rica in Washington DC website.

Follow this link to the Costa Rica immigration service (Dirección de Migración y Extranjería de Costa Rica) website.





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