A boat in which eight tourists were traveling and the captain overturned Saturday afternoon after which it was hit by a whale, confirmed the Red Cross.

Archive photo of boats at sea to view the whales in Osa

The incident was occurred about 1:30 pm in the mouth of the Sierpe river, at the moment the group watched several whales, while another appeared suddenly made for them and capsized the boat, El Gaspar de Sierpe, captained by Miguel Martínez.

Martínez said they were hit by the tail of a whale.

Thanks to the fact that he had a radio, he was able to call for help that came minutes later from another boat with tourists.

The Red Cross indicated that five of those affected were assessed, but only one required a transfer to Thomas Casas Hospital.

This weekend began the Tenth Festival of Whales and Dolphins in the Marino Ballena National Park, which will run until next weekend.