Update: The original post did not reflect the fuel price increase that went into effect at 12:01am this Thursday. The current fuel prices at all pumps across the country is ¢680 (down ¢1) a liter for super, ¢663 (no change) for regular or plus, and ¢586 (up from ¢565) for diesel.

If you think you haven’t been affected (greatly) by the national strike, think again. Even if you don’t drive, the price of fuel affects all aspects of daily life in Costa Rica, as the Refinadora Costarricense de Petróleo (Recope) – the state refinery that refines nothing – is readying a request the regulating authority for an increase in fuel prices, to raise some of the ¢4.6 billion colones in losses during the more than three weeks strike by public sector workers.

Since September 10 Recope plants have been targeted by striking public sector employees, and vandalism

The ¢4.6 billion colones is reported as losses due to “damages for acts of sabotage, additional expenses for contingency plans and other inconveniencesand other inconveniences” suffered by the Recope at its four distribution facilities.

In Moin, Limon, Recope reported damage to natural gas sphere tanks and the shutdown of asphalt boilers.

Recope finances operations through fuel prices, every second Friday of each month, making requests to the Autoridad Reguladora de los Servicios Públicos (Aresep) for price adjustments that, within days of the Arese decision, will then go in effect at every gasoline station across the country.

On Sept. 16, on the Ruta 1, in front of the Dos Pinos, firefighters deal with a fuel leak in one of Recope’s pipelines.

The next request for an extraordinary increase in the prices of fuels in Costa Rica is October 12.

Currently, fuel prices at the pumps are: ¢663 colones for a liter of regular or “plus”, ¢681 for super, and ¢565 for diesel.

For a complete table of fuel prices, such as aviation fuel, natural gas, kerosene, etc, visit the Recope website here.