Costa Rica Rejects “Military Options” Against Venezuela

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has vowed to defend his country after US President Donald Trump threatened possible military action against Caracas

Despite the extremely serious situation in Venezuela, Costa Rica does not support the military option spoken by U.S. President Donald Trump.

Costa Rica’s Foreign Minister, Manuel Gonzalez, made it clear the country’s position on his Twitter and Facebook accounts.

“In spite of the grave situation that this country (Venezuela) lives … Costa Rica categorically rejects the threat of using military force for intervention in that country,” said Gonzalez.

The Foreign Minister accepted the fact that some Venezuelans living in Costa Rica do not reject the idea of U.S. military action against Nicolas Maduro, saying, “…they support action in some way as soon as possible.”

Some of the comments posted to Gonzales’ post include:

“And then how do you get Maduro and his Communist team out? With kisses on the nape of the neck? Costa Rica we are all!”

“Out Maduro, Trump, hit him on the head! And to confiscate everything stolen!!! And Costa Rica to start nationalizing Alunasa!”

“Strongly agree, Mr. Chancellor, we must condemn any war effort … Absolutely, Chancellor, we must condemn any war.”

“If Maduro and those behind him understood why he does not leave if it is not via weapons. Maduro does not invade others because he does not with what to, so he insults the whole world. There are wars that are justified.”

“If there had been no intervention in Chile, Allende would have led them to what today is Venezuela. Pinochet made a referendum, lost and left. Chile is today the best-structured country in Latin America. Venezuelans are waiting for this intervention, I tell you because I speak when I can with my cousins and my brothers residing in Venezuela. One thing is the international dispatches and assemblies that help nothing, and another living in the tragedy mounted by a bunch of scoundrels who have not worked in their life, without any preparation and wanting to stay in (power) for what does not belong to them.”

“Don’t worry, the U.S. has other major problems than to concern itself with Venezuela. For Now, Venezuelans will have to keep fighting on their own for their freedom.”

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