The owner and the manager of the strip club (nightclub) Pantera Rosa, identified by their last names, López Calderón and López Rojas, respectively, arrested last Friday for proxenetismo (pimping) will have to sign in once a month and cannot leave Costa Rica.

The pair, while the investigation against them continues, are barred from entering the club and prohibited from pimping.

During the raid, authorities say they found 25 (alleged) victims in the club, both Costa Rican women and foreigners.

The club was raided in the early hours of Friday morning by authorities following an investigation that commenced in 2016.

For its part, the club announced on the social networks it would remain closed Friday night, and reopen Saturday with and business as usual.

“We clarify that at Club Pantera Rosa we are working 100% with the corresponding authorities so that the investigation can be facilitated,” they reported.