Downpours Kept Emergency Services Busy Monday, More than 60 Incidents Reported In A Few Hours

The downpours Monday afternoon generated a series of damages in various communities around the country, including the Greater Metropolitan Area (GAM). The Comisión Nacional de Emergencias (CNE) reported more than 60 incidents in San Carlos, Pococí, Sarapiquí, Cartago, Escazú, Curridabat, Desamparados, San José and San Vito.

In this last, there are currently seven families in the sector of Barrio Canada who had to evacuate their homes, because a landslide generated significant damage, as shown by images of neighbors and Henry de Jesús Díaz, de San Vito Television.

The CNE keeps its emergency committees active in the event that more landslides are recorded, as showers with thunderstorms are forecast for this entire week.

Authorities call the population to be alert to any eventuality.

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