Costa Rica’s Florida Ice and Farm’s (Fifco) on Tuesday, March 6, inaugurated a new beer plant with a capacity to produce up to 74,000 cans of beer per hour, with an investment of US$15 million dollars.

In the foreground, Ramon Mendiola, Fifco CEO, during the inauguration of the new plant that was attended by Vice President Ana Helena Chacon. Photo: Mayela López.

The new facility will allow the national beer company – the Cervecercia de Costa Rica – company to increase its production capacity of beer and other alcoholic beverages by 40%.

Ramón Mendiola, CEO of Fifco, explained to La Nacion that “… The expansion will allow the company to meet national demand and export products to the Central American and United States market.”

Mendiola explained that the new state-of-the-art technology plant will allow the company to add 15 new jobs to the existing 6,441 employees. 

In addition, the new plant reduces energy and water consumption and to meet Fifco’s objectives of being a carbon neutral company.

Among the new equipment, there is a pasteurizer that eliminates microorganisms from beer bottles and preserves the product for longer. Also, water consumption can be lowered by 60% through a temperature control and water recirculation.