National fishermen demonstrated once again on Tuesday, and their reason for the protest is the same: the few job opportunities before the ban on trawling.

On this occasion, they warned that the movement is undefined and that the protest will not be concluded until the government sends its representatives to the province of Puntarenas so that they understand the situation that hundreds of people live in that and other coastal areas.

The spokesman for the fishermen, Cristian Campos, said that since the morning protests began in different parts of the Pacific and the Caribbean, warning that fishermen will only agree to talk with ministers or with the president, Carlos Alvarado.

According to Campos, they are willing to keep the demonstration for the days that are necessary until the government sends a delegation to Puntarenas of hierarchs with decision-making power.

The fishermen set up blockades in several key points on the Ruta 1, the Ruta 27 and the Costanera (coastal road), allowing only emergency vehicles to pass.

Reports indicate that in the Barranca sector of the Interamericana (Ruta 1), traffic backed up for 10 kilometers, however, protestors were accepting of a plea from a Transito (traffic official) to allow a small bus full of elderly Japanese tourists to pass.

By late last night, the fishermen lifted their blockades and end the protests after reaching an agreement with the government. Chief of Staff, Rodolfo Piza, had arrived at the port city to meet with the fishermen, holding talks for most the afternoon and into the evening, until an agreement was reached after 2:00 am this Wednesday.

Campos confirmed that there would be no more protests or blockades today.

“In no street of Puntarenas, nor in Golfito, nor in Quepos, in Dominical, Cahuita or Limón. That is to say, in the points where the fishing sector manifested itself Tuesday, they will not have complications. We apologize to so many people who unfortunately were affected by being many hours in the roadblocks,” said Campos.

The details of the agreement reached were not made last night, Campos saying the details would be made available today.

In Puntarenas, there are 44 boats dedicated to shrimp fishing and each one generates ¢14 million colones, per month, to the formal industry of the province, Campos explained.

Though the protest that was peaceful, one incident of violence did mark event: a Telenoticias – channel 7 news –  vehicle was pelted with rocks and other objects when the camera crew began filming the protest in the area of the Ruta 27, south of Caldera.