OIJ agents in Puntarenas and Cruz Roja (Red Cross) personnel remove the bodies from the Jesús María rive, in Esparza. (Photo Jonathan Lara)

The alert went out on Friday, 26-year-old model, Isamara Alejandra Villalta Solano and her 17-year-old brother, Kendall Gonzalez, had gone missing.

Posts and reposts on the social media called for help in locating the two.

But that all came to a tragic end for the model, when on Monday when her body was recovered.

Kendall is still missing.

The find of the Isamara’s body followed a police search on Monday of the area around the Jesus Maria river in Guadalupe de Esparza, Puntarenas, in a remote area near where the body of Andres Perez, 35, had been found on Sunday night.

Robbery was not the motive, the victim had all his belogings with him.

Authorities learned that Perez had a history of drug trafficking and illegal use of weapons.

The Facebook post by Adriana Corella, a friend of the late model, who herself had to clear up that the post was only to find her friend and that she had no ties to the event, as one online news report alluded to and to took the opportunity to remind readers of Adriana’s own connection to drug trafficking in Nicaragua.

Authorites also learned that Perez, who had been shot in the head and beaten, presumably tortured, had been Isamara’s boyfriend.

The body of the model was found Monday some 100 meters from where the Perez’s corpse was found when authorities returned to the Jesus Maria River in search of more evidence in the Perez murder

The model had several bullet wounds. Isamara was a resident Carrizal de Alajuela.

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Michael Soto Rojas, head of OIJ Plans and Operations, said according to witness reports, three people were traveling in a white BMW, which was intercepted by three cars with armed men.

The incident occurred at 11 pm in the center of the city of Alajuela. Police did not specify the location.

This was Friday night.

24 hours late police located the BMW near the soccer field in Angostura de San Ramón de Alajuela.

That vehicle apparently had been “loaned” to Perez and he was behind the wheel when it was intercepted by the unknown gunmen.

OIJ agents inspecting the area where the bodies of the model and her boyfriend where found. Today, Tuesday, the search of the area will continue for the model’s 17-year-old brother who continues missing. (Photo Jonathan Lara)

The vehicle is now being inspected by crime scene investigators for evidence.

In a press conference Monday, Soto said they are hopeful to find the young Kendall still alive. But, he explained, today (Tuesday), in any event police will resume the search in Jesus Maria river.

The OIJ chief explained, the bodies were found in an area some 8 kilometers from the Interamerican Norte (Ruta 1) and can only be accessed by a 4 wheel drive vehicle, as the dead end road is gravel and mud.

The closest house to the body find is about 4 kilometers away.

A witness, a local of the area, told La Nacion that on Saturday, at around 4:00 am, he noticed two vehicles, one white and the other dark, traveling at full speed towards the river. He added that an hour later, the cars came out.

Initially, he did not see it as anything strange because it is normal for people to go to the river at that hour.