The original completion date for the project had been January 2018. In April, APM Terminals said the dealy would be a few months, now it says the project will be finished i January 2019.

The opening of the container terminal that is being built by APM Terminals in Limón will occur in February 2019, and not in January 2018, as originally planned.

Just weeks after APM Terminals announced that the work was to be delayed until mid-2018, they have now announced that the problems that arose during the construction process are even bigger, and will result in a delay of more than one year from the date initially agreed.

Last April. APM announced that damage to a group of 20 piles, damage to the breakwater and compaction problems would result in a delay of approximately three months.

However, when making the new schedule for delivery to the National Concessions Council (CNC), it was pointed out that the delay will be more than one year with respect to the first date.

Kenneth Waugh, manager of APM Terminals Costa Rica, told that “… the delay will cost between US$50 and US$60 million dollars, which must be borne by the concessionaire. That amount includes construction costs, losses due to the terminal not operating and fines. ‘We needed that time to rearrange the tasks, we had to make some decisions that had an impact on a work as complex as this and affected the different sequences and processes on the critical delivery path that is preventing us from meeting the established delivery date.’”

“… He also pointed out that the quality of the megaport, valued at US$1 billion dollars, can not be sacrificed, and that is why they are taking the time to complete the project.

The project is 73% complete according to APM

“We are not going to cut corners to speed delivery dates,” said the manager. He added that the new schedule guarantees the opening of the port in February 2019 and that none of the additional costs will impact future users of the work.