The Organismo de Investigación Judicial (OIJ), in a massive police operation this Tuesday morning, focused on taking a criminal organization dedicated mainly to vehicle theft, carried out raids in 27 different locations – 19 in Alajuela and 8 in San Jose – netting the capture of 29 people.

The massive police operation began before daybreak Tuesday morning

The raids were carried out in the province of Alajuela barrio known as El Infiernillo (the little hell) and Concasa in San Rafael; In San Jose, in Purral de Goicoechea and La Carpio, in La Uruca.

OIJ spokesperson Marisel Rodriguez told the press some of the detained are also suspects in attempted murders and theft of cargo containers and that authorities are still looking for three more people tied to the same criminal organization.

27 different properties were raided, netting the arrest of 29 people

The OIJ explained that the gang was involved in the theft of all types of vehicles. Some of the hefts were either on a “made to order” basis, others using the “bajonazo” (theft at gunpoint) method.

The investigation into the gang’s activity began in 2016.