Former legislator and perennial presidential candidate for the Movimiento Libertario, Otto Guevara, commented that the Government must open a process to dismiss the thousands of trade unionists and public officials that participated in Monday’s strike against the fiscal plan that is currently being discussed in the Legislative Assembly.

Former legislator and perennial presidential candidate, Otto Guevara

According to Guevara, what is proper is to reduce the day not worked from their salary.

The former legislator also wants to see the government fire each public official who abandoned his or her post on Monday and “without employer responsibility” (severance pay and benefits).

The strike was called by the two great union blocs: Patria Justa and Bussco, that brought together some of the countries largest public employee unions such as the ANDE that represents public school teachers, the ANEP representing the majority of public sector workers, and ASDEICE representing a large block of ICE workers.

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