Four people were arrested as suspects of forming a gang dedicated to drug trafficking in Santa Ana, reported the Policía de Control de Drogas (PCD) – Drug Control Police.

Photo courtesy PCD

These groups had, presumably, the control of territories such as Río Oro, Piedades and Santa Ana center.

The PCD raided 2 homes in Piedades and Río Oro.

“The narco structure was composed of 2 women named Acuña, who are sisters, 44 and 51 years years of age, with a history of aggravated resistance; also two men with surnames Sánchez, 27, and Coto, 32, also with a criminal history,” said the PCD statement.

In total, police confiscated 60 doses of marijuana, 54 doses of crack, 33 doses of cocaine and ¢163,000 colones in cash.