The President of the Sala Tercera of the Supreme Court, Doris Arias Madrigal, announced on Wednesday afternoon her retirement from the bench in November, when her eight year term is up.

Judge Doris Arias Madrigal. Photo by Francisco Rodríguez.

Arias is one of four Supreme Court justices to be sanctioned last Thursday, first with a written reprimand, overturned on Monday by the Corte Plena, sanctioning the justices to two months suspension without pay for dismissing in February 2017 a case against the then legislators Otto Guevara and Víctor Morales Zapata for alleged influence peddling, in relation to the Chinese cement businessman, Juan Carlos Bolaños.

The other three magistrates are María Elena Gómez Cortés, Jesús Ramírez Quirós and Carlos Chinchilla Sandí.

Chinchilla on Monday announced his immediate retirement. Only Gómez Cortés and Ramírez Quirós, for now, are hanging on to the positions.

Speaking Wednesday morning on La Lupa radio show, Arias said her decision to step down, that is not opting to be reelected, was made in January.

“In January of this year I met with my work team and at that time we talked about a retirement plan (…) when the term of my appointment expires,” she explained.