Short Video of San Jose in 1958

The clip is of Avenida Central, now the pedestrian boulevard, in 1958. Interesting note of the Imperial beer crate used by the traffic official and the Sears building; the shot of the Cine Rex, now a McDonalds, diagonal to the Parque Central.

The march through the streets is of Rafael Angel Calderón Guardia and his Republicano Nacional party.

Among the comments posted on the Facebook page:

Andrea M Loring, “When Costa Rica was for the Costa Ricans, clean and tidy …”

Kebin Venegas, “The streets are clean.”

Jorge Badilla writes, “This great … still in the 80s when I joined the Traffic Police (Policia de Transito) I was taught to regulate the traffic in a box like the one that appears in the video”.



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