Costa Rica’s Legislative Assembly has received a proposed tax on mobile and fixed telephony and broadband services with a view to funding the country’s 911 emergency and security system, reports local daily La Prensa Libre.

The tax was proposed by Rolando Gonzalez of the Partido Liberacion Nacional (PLN) party, who said the unspecified amount to be levied wouldn’t be excessive and would serve to support a more extensive and diversified emergency system.

The 911 has existed for 20 years and has been financed by a tax on telecommunications, in a different scenario than we have today. Today the network has grown, diversified and revenues have dropped and the need grew,” said Gonzalez.

However, the Movimiento Libertario (ML) party opposed the initiative, saying it needed further analysis.

Natialia Diaz, head of the Movimiento Libertario legislative faction is against the proposal to tax communications to maintiain the 911 service.

For Natalia Diaz, head of the ML legislative faction, although the initiative can be very noble, this is not the right way to act and considers that there is much temptation in presenting projects to seek financing with new taxes towards citizens.

Gonzalez believes that this new tax would not be a blow to the pocket of Costa Ricans and depends on the point of view of people.

“What will be the bigger blow, let the emergency system end? … We speak of a reaction mechanism that integrates the Red Cross, Fire, Safety and a series of agencies that are linked to emergency care. This is an investment for the welfare of the country,” said the legislator.