The Organismo de Investigacion Judicial (OIJ), confirmed they are investigating the disappearance of the owner of local online sportsbook, 5Dimes, located in San Pedro after he was reported missing late last month.

Victim’s car was run off the road by two men on motorcycles and two others in a BMW. Photo from Diario Extra

OIJ director, Walter Espinoza, confirmed they are investigating the disappearance of 43-year-old William Sean Creighton, known throughout the online sports betting world simply as ‘Tony,’ who hasn’t been seen since he left work on the night of September 24.

His wife, a Costa Rican national, reported him missing the following day. Espinoza said they cannot comment anymore on the case for fear of putting at the risk the man’s life. Espinoza would only say the OIJ is investigating a disappearance, not speculating if the case was an abduction, would only say that the OIJ not received any ransom requests.

But Costa Rica’s self-proclaimed “most sold newspaper in Costa Rica”, the Diario Extra, reported that “Tony” had been abducted by four men and that a sizable ransom had already been paid by his family.

According to the Diario Extra report, Tony’s Porsche Cayenne was forced off the road that night by two gunmen on a motorcycle and two more individuals in a BMW. Tony’s wife reportedly received a call from his captors later that night, demanding payment of US$950,000 dollars.

The family and the OIJ are not confirming (or denying) the kidnapping or the ransom. The Diario Extra claims sources close to the case for their information.

The reports say that Tony spoke to his wife to assure her that he was fine, and a payment in ‘virtual currency’ was said to have been transmitted electronically to his captors that same night.

However, Tony’s release never came.

Other reports indicate the family had hired private investigators from the U.S.  — allegedly former agents of the US Federal Bureau of Investigation — who traveled to Costa Rica, but would not disclose publicly their findings. The Diario Extra reports the PI’s are still in Costa Rica, though cooperating with local police.

The report indicated that Creighton’s family had hired private investigators before contacting the police.