A jealous woman will be standing trial for allegedly killing her husband while driving home from a bar in Guatuso de Alajuela. The prosecutor alleges the 44-year-old woman, in a jealous rage, shot her husband while driving.

The jealous woman alleges hubby took his own life. Forensic evidence points to the contrary,

The incident occurred in October 2015. After being shot, Rónald Jesús Cortes, was able to brake the vehicle and open the door to get out. That is the last thing he could do before expiring next to the opened door. The woman, identified as Reyes Ortiz, then placed the gun next to her husband and went home.

Apparently, she did not like her husband’s flirting with a waitress in the bar they had been drinking all night. On her arrest in March 2016, the woman told police her husband had taken his own life. The autopsy revealed otherwise. A GSR test resulted positive. The couple had been married since 1997.