Aresep in the process of developing an application for taxi drivers

The controversy generated by the incursion of Uber in Costa Rican has one more episode, as the Autoridad Reguladora de los Servicios Públicos (Aresep)  – regulator of public services –  works on an application (app) to improve the service provided by taxi drivers.

Earlier this week, the app was presented to the leaders of the formal taxi sector so they can analyze the progress that Aresep has implemented, and thus better outline the type of service they wish to provide.

Gilbert Ureña, President of the Presidente del Foro Nacional de Taxistas (National Forum of Taxi Drivers), commented on the position of the union regarding the use of this technology, saying it is an important tool for the members (taxis) to improve its service to the public.

In addition, Ureña did not miss the opportunity to tell the Aresep the Foro’s position against Uber.

The app, in addition to letting users know the cost of the trip and keep track of the trips, allows rating the service in things such as vehicle cleanliness, safety, driver treatment, among others.

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