A fight ended in gunfire outside the La Reforma prison in Alajuela. The incident happened after 3:00 in the afternoon Thursday.

According to Pablo Bertozzi, director of the Penitentiary Police, at the main entrance to the prison center, “a subject who claims to be the bodyguard of a woman who came for a conjugal visit, fired a gun against another man who, apparently, was arguing with the woman.

“What is unknown is the reason for the argument. For the time being, we saw that this guy shot at the other man several times, but no injuries reported. The man fired on fled in a vehicle at high speed,” said Bertozzi.

The man who fired the shots was detained by the Fuerza Publica (police), confirmed by Raúl Rivera, regional director of the Fuerza Publica of Alajuela.

Bertozzi did not indicate if the conjucal visit took place.