Starting at 6:00 a.m. on Monday a group of truckers began applying “tortuguismo” (slow down) on the main roads in the country, causing tremendous congestion. More than the Monday morning usual.


Cartago La Lima. Accidentes de Costa Rica Facebook

The most affected by the truckers was the autopista General Cañas; the Ruta 27 from the Coyolar-Orotina toll to El Coyol, in Alajuela; and the Ruta 1, the Cambronero section. On the Ruta 32, the slowdown was from Guapiles heading to San Jose; in Limon, in the area of the docks. On the east side of San Jose, the Florencio de Castillo, the road to Cartago was also targeted by the truckers.



Ruta 32, Accidentes de Costa Rica Facebook

The objective of the protest is that the Presidents Carlos Alvarado receives them Casa Presidencial (Presidential House) to deliver a list of petitions. The movement has the support of the Sindicato Nacional de Traileros de la ANEPP.



Ruta 27, Orotina to San Jose. Accidentes de Costa Rica Facebook

“We gave the president a month of time to come to us, so he would listen to our problems that are affecting us here in Costa Rica for many years. We have been working very hard throughout the country to unite the sector, unite the guild. We will take our list of requests and we are not going to move from there until we are attended,” said one of the leaders.


On the government website,, Deputy Minister of Social Dialogue, Nancy Marín said on Sunday the government says maintains its willingness to respectful dialogue and to talk with the representatives of the truckers movement to find solutions to their problems.

“In the absence of blockages or interruption to free transit, the Executive Branch undertakes to open a dialogue table to assess the demands of trailers and explore possible solutions, as well as carrying out a joint analysis on the situation between the sector and the institutions. involved,” assured the Vice Minister of Diálogo Social (Social Dialogue).