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Human Negligence Cause Of Crocodile Attacks in Costa Rica?

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Nile crocodile

COSTA RICA NEWS  – The unexpected invasion of their habitat is the reason for the attacks by crocodiles in the rivers, mangroves, estuaries and beaches of Costa Rica. Experts of the Comisión Asesora para el Manejo y Conservación de Cocodrilos, composed by entities such as the Universidad Nacional (UNA), the Universidad de Costa Rica (UCR) and the Sistema Nacional de Áreas Protegidas (SINAC), believe that attacks on people include factors such a disrespect for the animal’s natural behaviour. 32 attacks and 15 deaths reported since 1995 in Costa Rica The crocodiles are only defending their territory, their way of life from the invasion by people, say the experts. The experts also deny rumours reported in the press about the dramatic...


Costa Rica To Observe 10th Anniversary of Death in The Chile Embassy

President Abel Pacheco (2002-2006) speaks a the funeral that took place at the Catedral Metropolitana. Photo: QCostarica On July 27, Costa Rica will observe the 10th anniversary of an act that shocked two countries — the death within a few minutes of three Chilean officials inside their embassy in San José. Not only did it stun this country but shocked Chileans...

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The 16 Best Hidden Beaches Of Costa Rica

Playa Esterillos. Click here of the slideshow. James Kaiser, author, Costa Rica: The Complete Guide writes:  Over the past five...


Can’t Surf? Not a Problem in Nosara!

Sunset from the Nosara River in Playa Nosara/ | Photo by Rolf Sommer By: Emiliana Garcia, Voz de Guanacaste – Nosara’s beaches...

[BLOG] Violent, Disturbing And Sexual Content Sell Newspapers in Costa Rica


  “Ahora”, a new newspaper launched this morning in Costa Rica. TICO BULL - The decline of newspapers has been widely debated as the industry has faced down soaring newsprint prices, slumping ad sales, the loss of much classified advertising and precipitous drops in circulation. In recent years the number of newspapers slated for closure, bankruptcy or severe cutbacks has risen—especially...



Minors Alone Cross The Costa Rica – Nicaragua Border

Border Crossing Costa Rica to Nicaragua by Boat. | Photo, Universal Traveller COSTA RICA NEWS – More than one minor,...

Law To Ensure Scholarships

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COSTA RICA NEWS – Difficulties in the processing of scholarships for less advantaged school students has prompted Education Minister Marta Maria Mora to present a bill in congress that would restructure the whole system. This year the Scholarship Fund still has 68,000 scholarships yet to give out, half of the 2014 budget. By law, the Education Ministry is forbidden to simply take over the handing out of the funds but Mora has recommended actions to solve the problem. The bill would simplify the application process for granting the funds for books and other scholastic needs. The system was set up to combat an increasing school dropout problem. Many kids have to abandon school because their parents cannot afford even the uniforms, let alone...


Gunacaste Celebrates Anniversary In Weeklong of Activities

Photo: COSTA RICA NEWS – By Roberto Acuña Ávalos, Vozdeguanacaste – “Our homeland by our free will.” That is the motto written on the emblem of the province of Guanacaste. The phrase refers to one of the most important events in Costa Rican history – the Annexation of the Party of Nicoya. Friday, July 25 is a LEGAL HOLIDAY in Costa...

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