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Police Uncover Weapons Arsenal in Heredia Home

Posted on: Aug 31 2014 - 2:56pm | #0
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Specialized police unit recover weapons arsenal from Heredia home on Friday. Photo: OIJ COSTA RICA NEWS – How well do you know your neighbours? “Rather strange”, is the profile by the head of the Organismo de Investigación Judicial (OIJ), Francisco Segura, of the man who was arrested on Friday in Heredia, having a weapons arsenal of and a marijuana plantation in his house. The Ministerio de Seguridad Publica (MSP), working with the OIJ and the Dirección de Inteligencia y Seguridad (DIS), had been investigating the man identified by his last name Hernandez for the past two weeks. On Friday, the Unidad Especial de Investigación (UEI) – the SWAT team – finally raided the house. Inside they found five AR 15 rifles, grenades made with...

[blog] Let The Dust Settle

COSTA RICA BLOG – President Luis Guillermo Solís’ (LGS) infamous 100 Day discourse which some time ago was billed as a State of the Nation speech has won many kudos while at the same time raising more questions than answers. At first blush the PAC supporters or anti-Liberationists are, with good reason, his leading cheerleaders. On the other side of the coin,...

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Ticos Can’t Say No!

COSTA RICA EXTRA – There are many reasons for moving to Costa Rica but the most attractive one is that Costa Ricans are nice people,...


Dancing With the Stars Costa Rica Sundays at 7pm

COSTA RICA EXTRA ENTERTAINMENT – If there’s one outstanding characteristic of Costa Ricans it’s that they love to dance. In...

Costa Rica’s Desperate Green Push


COSTA RICA NEWS (By Laura Securon Palet | OZY.COM) Newsflash: Climate change isn’t a problem just for your grandchildren. Or polar bears. The dreaded rise in temperatures...

Legisaltor Proposes Exempting Internet Services of Paying Sales Tax

COSTA RICA NEWS – Legislator and former presidential candidate, Otto Guevara, is proposing to remove the sales tax on internet service. Guevara introduced a bill that would exempt all internet services of paying the 13% sales tax, in a move aiming to reduce the digital divide. The exemption, according to Guevara, would apply to every type of internet service, including cable, broadband...

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Star Spanish Chef Berasategui Heads for Costa Rica To Open New Restaurant

COSTA RICA EXTRA (EFE) – Martin Berasategui, the Spanish chef who has earned the most Michelin stars, plans to open a new...

Cocaine Hidden In Pilot Markers

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COSTA RICA NEWS – A Belizean national busted with 6.5 kilos of cocaine in Costa Rica is now in police custody after he reportedly tried to depart the country with the stash of drugs hidden inside 284 pilot markers. Photo: Policia Control de Drogas (PCD) According to La Nacion, the incident occurred at around 8:00pm last Sunday night at the Juan Santamaría International (San José) airport when a 37-year-old man, known only by his surname, Tillett, was busted by Policia Control de Drogas (PCD) – Drug Control Police when the officers asked to him open his hand luggage. Upon inspecting the luggage, Costa Rican authorities discovered 29 boxes of pilot brand markers which contained 290 individual markers – 284 of which were found to be filled...


Daily Costa Ricans Using Less Cash Or Checks

COSTA RICA NEWS – A recent study by the Banco Central de Costa Rica (BCCR) – Central Bank, reveals Costa Rica are using less cash or checks to pay bills or shopping. The study by Carlos Melegatti Sarlo, director of the Sistema Nacional de Pagos (SINPE) – National Payment System, shows that daily the SINPE moves billions of colones. Last year, for example, the...

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