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Miss Colombia Crowned Miss Universe

Posted on: Jan 26 2015 - 4:30am | #0
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TODAY COLOMBIA – Paulina Vega, Miss Colombia, Sunday tonight was crowned as the most beautiful woman in the universe. The beauty queen excelled during the competition and was the most applauded during her presentation, both in swimwear, as in the gala. Vega was criticized during the contest for her bad temper. However, the Colombian always received positive reviews for her sultry body and self confidence during the 63 edition of the contest. The top runners up were:  Jamaica, Ukraine, United States and the Netherlands. The 63rd Miss Universe was held at the International University of Florida Article first appeared on QCOSTARICA, reposted with permission. Click here to go to the source article....


Spy Toys Seduce Ticos

Eyeglasses with a hidden camera. Image from Tico Espia QCOSTARICA – A wife suspects her husband is cheating. In the GPS tracking device she recently gave him as a gift lies the proof, a recording taken with a hidden microphone. After he gets home, she can confirm the betrayal. An employer discovers that an employee is stealing company information and selling...

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Maikol Yordan Pays Don Oscar a Visit

Maikol Yordan (second from right) and his group pay a visit to the home of Oscar Arias and Suzanne Fischel. Photo from Osca Arias...


Miss Cost Rica, Karina Ramos: “I Am Living The Dream”

Karina Ramos COSTA RICA EXTRA – From Miami, Florida, Miss Costa Rica Karina Ramos spoke to La Nacion of her emotions in less...

Costa Rica Still Has Room for Large Commercial Centers


City Mall, under construction in Alajuela, will be the largest in Costa Rica and the region when it opens its doors later this year. The delevoper says it already has a 100% occupancy rate. QCOSTARICA – The City Mall, being built in Alajuela, that will open in about nine months already reports an occupancy rate of 100%. Leonel Feoli, manager of the project,  said so far 47 commercial...

Inside Costa Rica

Spy Toys Seduce Ticos


Eyeglasses with a hidden camera. Image from Tico Espia QCOSTARICA – A wife suspects her husband is cheating. In the GPS tracking device she recently gave him as a gift lies the proof, a recording taken with...


Costa Rica A Record In Tourism In 2014

Zip lining through Costa Rica QCOSTARICA – Almost 70% of international arrivals by air corresponded to North American...

Miakol Yordan Film Sets New Record

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COSTA RICA EXTRA ( If someone asked you what was the second most seen film in Costa Rican history, you might guess some hoary classic like “Gone with the Wind” or a newer blockbuster like “Avatar.” You most certainly would not, before last year, have guessed a locally produced comedy, “Maikol Yordan de Viaje Perdido.” Currently the film is showing in 26 theaters, more than usual for a local film which are often looked upon as novelties. An astounding half a million-plus viewers have seen it, sometimes several times. It is hard sometimes to predict these things but somehow the movie has struck a chord with local audiences. Directed by Miguel Gomez, the movie surpassed even the international acclaim of “Todo por las...

“Roba Teles” Appears in New Video

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QCOSTARICA – The woman “roba teles” (steals screens), the subject of a search by OIJ agents, is also the focus of comments on how she is able to place a boxed television screen between her legs and then walk around normally. In the new video from a store in Saripiquí, we see the woman once again do her thing.  Click here to see the first video. In this video released by the OIJ, we get a better angle of how she turns the box upright, places it between her legs and then walks around without any difficulty. An accomplice (which has been since apprehended by authorities) helps her to ensure the box is not visible. From the clothing, the two women struck on at least two occasions on the same day. According to the OIJ, the woman has since...

[OP-ED] Keep Your Chin Up Costa Rica!

Here we are, arguably the Happiest Country on the Planet, and since the 1st. of the year it has been nothing but bad or near to bad news for all of us. However, the Tico government in its entirety is a spin master and indeed we should be thankful because if all this bad news is true, it is time to think about Harri Kari. The beauty is that the government and ministries...

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